Custom Printable Math Tests
Multi-Operation / Exponent and Root Tests

Version 0.11; July 01, 2006; BETA-4 Release

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This page is similar to the original free math test page. The original page provides more options, but only allows one mathematical operation per problem. This page is specifically designed to generate printable math tests (and answer tests) containing multiple operations and parentheses, and to provide greater challenges, such as tests involving exponents and roots.. As with the original page, you can adjust a variety of options (such as the number of problems per row, number of rows per page, etc.) using the Preference Table. The default test randomly creates problems containing three operations, mixed addition and subtraction, uses parentheses, and arranges them into 10 rows of 2 problems each (4 blank lines between rows). The blank lines give students room to perform their calculations.

Try clicking the 'generate' button (below the Preference Table) to see what a randomly generated default test looks like. Then, try adjusting the various options to create tests that fit your specific preferences.

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 PREFERENCE TABLE   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
 Select math test type: Addition test
Subtraction test
Both Addition and Subtraction test
Multiplication test
Divisionion test
Mixed Multiplication and Division test
Mixed Add, Subt, Mult, Div test
N-Squared test
N-Cubed test
Exponent test (Lower Limit as exponent)
Exponent test (Lower Limit as max exponent)
Square Root test
Cube Root test
N-Root test (Lower Limit as root)
N-Root test (Lower Limit as max root)
Multi/Mixed-Operation test (no parentheses)
 Remove all parentheses?
(Note: This feature coming soon...)
No [Default]
 Decimal Precision Places:
(Remaining places truncated)
  [Default is 3]
 Test Upper Limit:   [Default is 10]
 Test Lower Limit:   [Default is 2]
 Operations per problem:   [Default is 3]
 Problems per row:   [Default is 2]
 Rows per page:   [Default is 10]
 Columns per problem:   [Default is 35]
 Blank lines between rows:   [Default is 4]
 Show answer window? Yes [Default]
 Math test font size: Largest
Medium Large
Medium Small [Default]
 Remember your settings? Yes [Default]
No; restore defaults upon page reload 


Use the preference table options to design math tests that fit your preferences. Each time you click the 'generate' button, a new random math test should appear in a separate window. If you selected the option to 'show answers' they will also appear in a separate window. After generating the tests, you can print them by using the print button(s) on this page, or by using the standard 'File', then 'Print' options from the respective window.

All numeric values in the problems will be between the upper and lower limits, inclusively. Normally, all problems will appear left-aligned, in one or more columns (depending on the value of   'problems per row'). If the displayed problems are not left-aligned, ensure that the 'columns per problem' option is wider than the total characters in any problem (including the answer). For example, ((4+15)-(31+6))+10= -8 will need a minimum of 22 columns to display properly. If you still have display problems, try setting 'problems per row' to 1, and 'columns per problem' to 70.

Also, you may want to see the detailed instructions and guidance provided on the original free math test page. Most comments and suggestions contained there are also applicable to this page.

Observations and/or recommendations are certainly welcome.

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